Varsity Football Preview

Head Coach and Starting Quarterback Share Their Thoughts On The Upcoming Season


Picture taken by Melanie Vong

With the approaching football season, players and coaches are growing more excited by the day. Head Coach Chad Morris and starting quarterback Mike Hawkins have a positive outlook on this year’s team. 


“I think our offensive/defensive lines are gonna be key to our success,” Morris said, “Especially early in the season”.


Morris is coming from a successful collegiate coaching career at schools such as Clemson, SMU, Arkansas and Auburn. However, he said transitioning from college back to high school is a big jump. 


 “My main focus is the Allen Eagles, and just getting us better everyday,” Morris said.


Morris and his staff worked hard throughout the summer practices to make the most efficient lineup which included a sophomore as the starting quarterback, Mike Hawkins.


“We just need to work as a team and execute on the field,” Hawkins said.


Hawkins said he has actually known Morris since he was ten, so their chemistry came easily with the transition from former head coach Terry Gambill. Knowing Morris, and having a dad in the NFL, has helped Hawkins gain experience and have an inside look on the game. Although he has experience, he said the expectations he has to live up to create a lot of pressure. However, he has found ways to deal with it. 


“I just let my coaches guide me through it,” Hawkins said. 


While he is only a sophomore, the skillset Hawkins brings to the team will help them go far in a potential playoff appearance.