The Person Behind The Jersey


The “Person Underneath The Jersey” is a series that focuses on getting to know the athletes at Allen deeper than what position they play. Meet Mary Kathryn Edwards (MK), a junior at Allen, and a varsity volleyball player.


Why do you choose to play at Allen?

  • “I think Allen is a really big school, so it’s a good way to get your name out there. They take all their sports really seriously, and they treat their athletes really well on and off the court.”

What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome during your volleyball career?

  • “I think my biggest obstacle I’ve overcome is just realizing that you’re not always going to be perfect, and you will have bad games. I think it’s hard to manage on and off the court mental health, and like well being health and just your body. Keeping a good balance of social life, volleyball and just everything.”

What’s the one thing you want people to know about you?

  • “I just want people to know that I think I’m a really welcoming person. I think that everybody should know it’s okay to not be okay, and to know that they should have someone in their corner. If they don’t have that person in their corner, I’m always available to come to, to talk to, or like I love inviting people to church so if you want to come to church, pull up to church with me.”

Do you wish that people that only know you as an athlete, knew more about you?

  • “Sometimes it’s hard because, especially at the highschool level, most people at this age play club and school so sports become most of their life. A lot of people don’t truly get to know each other, off the court or other than, ‘Oh you just play varsity volleyball’. They don’t really know much about me other than that.”

What’s your most embarrassing moment at high school so far?

  • “Probably crying in Anatomy like two days ago.”

Is there something you’ve never told anyone at Allen that you wish they knew about you?

  • “No, I’m a pretty open book.”

What is your favorite memory at Allen?

  • “My favorite memory at Allen is definitely our volleypalooza tournament we had last weekend. We went down to Austin and I think it just bonded our team really well. We didn’t have the best performance, we played good overall, but off the court we have so many memories that I’m going to remember forever. I think our whole team has come together as one, and we’re back on our streak and we’re just going to hit our steady moment from here.”

If you didn’t play volleyball, what sport would you play?

  • “I feel like I’d be a cheerleader, because I’m super energetic and if you come to our games you’ll see our bench is basically a cheer team.”

You are at the biggest public school in the country, do you enjoy that or do you wish you went to a smaller school?

  • “No, I enjoy it because I think it gives you so many more opportunities. Yeah it’s pressure, but as athletes and people I think pressure is good. Nobody, especially athletes, wants to go on with their life without pressure. It wouldn’t make you strive for anything. I also think it’s just like you can impact so many more people’s lives. You could smile at somebody in the hallways that you’ve never seen before and it will mean so much more because they’ve never met you, then at a smaller school where everybody knows each other.”

Favorite and least favorite thing about Allen?

  • “My least favorite thing is the halls, because people don’t know how to walk sometimes. My favorite thing is the spirit and the environment. Even though it’s big, everybody comes together, especially for football, but all sports, all clubs. WINGS is such a big club and it bonds everybody, and our student section is amazing.”

Anything else you would like to add?

  • “Eagle pride, and come to the volleyball games.”