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Population Shift

Stephanie Scarano, Staff Writer | March 19, 2019

Allen was founded in 1872 when it was a tiny town, mostly meant to supply water to the steam engine trains that passed through on their way to bigger cities. Now Allen is a busy area, full of new faces, new businesses and new growth. Allen ISD especially reflects these growing changes. According to Allen Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Allen has grown a lot since it’s days of train supplying,...

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Tuffy Talks

Abi Marines, Staff writer | February 20, 2019

Allen High School will be hosting “Tuffy Talks”, a TED Talk-esque program for students grades 9-12. This program will have seven carefully selected students host seven-minute presentations that will go into an approved topic of the student’s choice that is informative of ideas and the creative process, and will help foster global thinking. “Topics happen to be art related because we start...

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Mia of the opera

Maya Morriswala, Co-editor-in-chief | March 19, 2019

Opera singing may not seem like a typical pastime for a typical high school student. Nevertheless, Mia Rodriguez is known among her peers for doing just that at the school Talent Show last year, and again this past February. Rodriguez is a member of the top choir, Chorale, and she participates in musicals outside of school. Though she began singing as part of the school in sixth-grade choir, she...

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Artists of Allen: Marissa Xiong

Sophia Forrester, Photo Editor | March 19, 2019

Q: Would you say your art symbolizes who you are? Or does your art perceive someone different? A: I would say that my artwork is representative of how I see the world--with my paintings, I can express how I interpret my subjects and show viewers what I believe is important they understand about the subject. I don't enjoy assigning particularly deep meanings to my paintings; instead, I would rather...

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