STEAM Center Makerspace


The Allen STEAM Center has received a useful addition to its campus for the 2020-2021 school year: The Innovation Hub, or more commonly known as the makerspace. 

The makerspace area’s overall purpose is to provide a place for students to further their learning. While children can learn skills in the classroom, makerspace allows students to apply those lessons. 

It’s made up of two sides, “a clean side and a dirty side,” according to Reece Palmer, the makerspace tech. The combination of both areas supply a space for physical work such as circuitry, 3D printing, metal working, etc. The Innovation Hub is just that: a place for students to build on the lessons they are taught and to help foster creative ideas. 

Palmer said  he hopes to expand it to allow more availability to a larger amount of students in the future. If the STEAM center is unavailable to a student, there is also a smaller makerspace located in the Allen High School library that is available to students.