Bearing in Mind

Senior founds Mindfulness Club


Julia Zaksek, Sr. managing editor

As the year progresses and the stresses of assignments, college applications and the holidays mount, students can find refuge in one of Allen High School’s new clubs––Mindfulness Club––held every Monday after school in A204.

The club originated as International Baccalaureate senior and club founder Olivia May’s Creativity, Action and Service project, a requirement of the IB curriculum. The club is based around what May learned in her IB psychology class.

“We’ve created an environment centered around relieving daily stress,” May said.

Mindfulness is defined* as the process of bringing one’s attention to emotions and personal problems and addressing any stress that arises from them. Practicing mindfulness signifies a confrontation of feelings and fears, instead of avoidance.

“Everyone needs to be a part of this and be mindful of their emotions,” May said.

May said club members can participate in a variety of relaxing activities, such as painting, music therapy and yoga. The club is open to discussion about members’ anxieties, both personal and academic.

“I feel like [Mindfulness Club] shouldn’t just be limited to people who are stressed,” senior Klaire Perez said. “It’s open to anyone who just wants to relax and talk.”

Perez said that the club is open to students in every grade, regardless of their school or extracurricular workload; it is not exclusive to advanced academics students.

“No one should be living with all this stress,” May said. “We have unfortunately created some really unhealthy ways to deal with stress. We need safer, more productive ways.”

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