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National signing day 2018

Parker Primrose, Sports editor

February 7, 2018

Elementary Art Show

Makayla Nerpel, Online editor

April 7, 2017

College and Career Night

Nas Baclay, Staff writer

April 6, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions

Nas Baclay, Staff writer

January 11, 2017


Allen StuCo keeps Allen beautiful

Bryn Chambers, Sr. managing editor

November 28, 2016

Photo Slideshow: Theater program performs annual senior directs

Sara Schleede, Editor-in-chief

November 16, 2016

“[The play is] pretty intense. It deals with abuse and sexual assault and stuff. It was kind of a big risk to do it and pull it off with high school actors but I’m really impressed with the way that they handled it.” - senior director Hannah Holtz “Finding one acts is really really diff...

Homecoming Dress-up Week

Homecoming Dress-up Week

Felix Kalvesmaki, Commentary editor

September 30, 2016

Hoover vs. Allen Slideshow

Hoover vs. Allen Slideshow

Jackson Stone, Sports Editor

August 30, 2016

Allen defeated Hoover 25-7 on August 26th. ...

Phoenix Simulation 2016

Phoenix Simulation 2016

Julia Zaksek, Staff writer

March 22, 2016

Every March, upperclassmen in the Gifted and Talented program create interactive presentations to teach GT underclassmen about a universal theme. The underclassmen spend the Saturday rotating from presentation to presentation. This year's theme was perception versus reality. ...



Jackson Stone, Photo Editor

March 3, 2016

Jackson Stone ...