Talent Show Spotlight: Garima KC

Alessio Haro, Managing editor

Garima KC Q&A

When did you begin to get interested in singing?

When I first came to the U.S. I heard “My heart will go on” from the titanic. I really liked it, and started singing along. That’s when I think I started to become more interested in singing.

What classes or extracurricular activities are you in that involve singing? 

Choir mostly, but I get involved in events like talent shows. I’m also in the Allen teen arts council, and they hold bashes where I participate in and sing. 

What kind of music do you like to sing? Are there any artists that inspired you or continue to inspire you?

Usually R&B, soul, and mainstream pop. Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Niki are the  top three I look up to.

Have you done any other performances besides the talent show?

I used to be in a pop show group at my old school; It’s called Encore here. It’s a pop group where you perform pop songs and you have to audition for you to get in, so I performed in that. In middle school, I did talent shows and things like that. 

Do you wish to grow your singing into a career?

If it grows into something else than a hobby, then yes. I’m trying to showcase it more in public. A while ago, this one person posted a video of me singing and it got two million views, but the video doesn’t exist anymore. If [my singing] goes anywhere, that’ll be pretty cool but right now it’s just a hobby. 

What do you love about singing? 

I think it’s an outlet to stress. Just hearing my own voice makes me feel good; it’s therapeutic in a way. It makes me feel good to know that it also can make others feel good when they listen. It’s like a therapeutic session for everyone that comes to listen. Anytime I really feel a song that hits my soul, I feel like I just have to sing it.

Have you gotten any professional lessons or feedback on your voice?

I get feedback from the choir, where I’ve grown a lot. Additionally, when I was in the pop group, we did individual training. I didn’t realize how much I could improve until I got there. 

How do talent and practice play a role in developing a good singer?

I think anyone is able to sing if they practiced enough. Talent goes in hand too because not everyone is born with a naturally good voice, so you need to have a clear voice to start with. A lot of people learn and get better with voice lessons and enough practice. 

What is one piece of advice you’d give to aspiring singers or artists?

I’d say don’t stop and keep going on. If you stop, you’re just going to have to work even harder to get where you were. It’s just like working out, because your diaphragm needs consistent practice because it’s a muscle.