Loveliveserve comes to Allen


Gisselle Alvillar and Nicholas Chamness

On January 15 and 16, a YouTube creators Loveliveserve — comprised of Ryan Burton & Noah Totino, and Rob Lopez — visited Allen to present to the business classes how they started their channel and how they created a business from it. 


“It was strictly a more entrepreneurial based presentation where we told the students our history and we explained some kind of motivational things on how they can try to maybe start a business or capitalize on their passion,” Burton said. 


After posting a viral clip of Allen in one of their videos, the business teacher Shelby Bono contacted them to come and give a presentation to the class.


So basically there was a viral clip on twitter of a highschool with a Pizza Hut and Subway and we put the clip in one of our videos called “Types of High Schools” and we were like this school got everything,” Totino said. They said in the video, “whoever know what school this is put it down in the comments and everybody told us that it was Allen High School. This took two months to coordinate.” 


The group saw this as an opportunity to come to AHS and share how they were able to grow into what they are now. They were unaware Allen had a business path, yet found this as a great chance to form an hour long presentation for the business class.


“We initially knew coming here was going to be a good experience for us to finally share with people our experience and our journey and what we did and how the students can do it as well,” Lopez said. “So I think that was really fun to shed light on some things for people.”


During their presentation, they also discussed how they started making videos together and where they all met. Essentially, they wanted to elaborate on how their YouTube careers came to be, stating that it was a slow start, but gradually became their profession. 


“[We] just both enjoyed making videos on the weekends. Just little funny skits and sketches. And we met up, we were hanging out and we would just film our weekend hangouts and that’s really how it all started,” Burton said. “We met Rob two and a half years ago while we were at Vidcon and now we just all do videos together.”


The Youtubers weren’t always together making videos or even working on building their Youtube brand. Some of them had other passions in sports or magic, and others said they had to work “real” jobs in order to get by on a daily basis.


”I’ve been making Youtube videos since I was in sixth grade, so before that I was doing magic tricks,” Totino said. “I would just go on youtube and study card tricks.” 


Despite having an unexpected arrival, many of the students were in shock and in great anticipation to meet them. It was very special for all of the Youtubers to come and see all of the students that they have impacted with their videos and to see that they have impacted them in a positive way. 


“Just being at a school in a state that I have never been to in my whole life, and people here know us and seen the videos and I can tell have impacted them in a positive way. I’m just grateful this is so cool,” Totino said. “Seeing so many people who watch the videos makes me want to go back and make so many more and go harder so it’s honestly inspiring. The kids that recognize us inspire me to keep going.” 


Loveliveserve only had good things to say about their visit to Allen, and they appreciated all of the kids that recognized them and wanted to take pictures with them. When asked if they would ever come back and do something like this again, they all said “absolutely.”