Charlie’s Angels: Kicking back into style


Kennedy Jackson, Commentary editor

“Charlie’s Angels” is the up-to-date reboot of the previous “Charlie’s Angels” movie of three skilled women on a mission. When a brilliant scientist, Elena Houghlin (Naomi Scott), creates a device that revolutionized the power industry, a dangerous enemy plans to weaponize it. Jane Kano (Ella Balinska), Sabina Wilson (Kristen Stewart), and Bosley (Elizabeth Banks), along with Elena, are on a mission to stop them from stealing calisto and using it to kill and take control of every high profile person in their way.


“Charlie’s Angels” starts off strong in girl power with an opening montage of different girls from all over the world doing anything they can think of. They let us know early on that this movie is about powerful women on a mission and that they won’t take crap from anyone. Contrary to the 2000s “Charlie’s Angels,” which certain critic reviews described as “a sexy, high-octane update of the original ’70s action-comedy TV series,” this remake didn’t over sell the attractiveness of the actors. Not to say that the movie didn’t acknowledge the Angels’ looks, but it did it to point out the tactical advantage women can have in the field of action.


The movie was very well rounded. Its characters covered all the bases of diversity in personality that could relate to a number of different people in the audience. Jane, as the voice of reason, was a disciplined, no nonsense player of the team. Sabina was the jokester, keeping everything loose to improvise if necessary and add a little liveliness into the mission, and the movie. Elena was the newbie but the mind needed to complete the mission. She showed the side of the team that was scared to be a part of it but determined to be there anyway for the greater good. These different facets really helped to establish a compelling story by not being stuck in the mindset of the one character. They mixed well together and brought each other to a more mature version of themselves by the end of the movie.


Although the movie wasn’t anything special — as it was just another action movie — the plot of the movie was captivating because of the mystery it held. It was obvious that there was a bad guy, it was obvious what the plan was, but there was just something that was off that you didn’t know. There were a lot of red herrings in the movie and it made you sit there until you knew what it was. The simple parts of the movie where they were figuring out plans, going undercover and battling the bad guys were just plain entertaining. In addition to that, the movie didn’t try too hard to be ominous, making it confusing or not make sense. Instead, it stayed on track with plot and gave a subtle sense of foreboding that all tied together in the end.


This movie provided a pretty straight forward movie that was enjoyable to relax and entertain. I give it a B+.