The Ultimate Sandwich


Khushboo Amarnani, Staff writer

In August 2019, the world fell.  when Popeyes released a chicken sandwich. Until this sandwich, its Louisiana fried chicken, seafood and their sides always sat under the spotlight. The sandwich went viral quickly being known as the best chicken sandwich in the fast food. 

The glorified sandwich sold out fairly quickly after ordering. When opened, the chicken was extremely crispy and sauce dripped onto the wrapping. The sandwich had the same chicken that Popeyes is known for, fired in a seasoned batter. It was served on a brioche bun with pickles and — if you get the spicy — a spicy sauce. Set at $3.99 for both regular and spicy, it’s priced decently. The sandwich is good, but it’s definitely not worth the hype it has brought on. 

On the flipside, Chick-fil-a is a huge competitor of the chicken sandwich, known for their original chicken sandwiches for years before Popeye’s released theirs. It came out extremely oily and much smaller in comparison to the popeyes sandwich. It’s placed on a buttered bun along with pickles. The chicken breast was fried in breadcrumbs and significantly less crunchy for fried chicken. The sandwich also has little to no seasoning besides the butter on the bun unlike popeyes’ with seasoned chicken and sauce. Set at $3.79 for regular and $3.99 for a spicy variation, it’s cheaper than the popeyes, but reflects the cost. 

Both sandwiches are great in their own way and both deserve an A for creating a popular tasty sandwich but there is not one that is better. They are both great in their own way depending on flavor, crunch factor and size.