Dark Hour Haunted House Review


Abi Marines, News/Feature Editor

Spooky season is upon the world, and the Night of Witches is coming. For those too old for trick or treating, and too young for wicked Halloween parties, there’s only one thing to do: get scared. For that, there’s really only one place to go- Dark Hour Haunted House.

When this haunted house promotes itself as ‘Plano, Texas’ most Terrifying Haunted House’ it does not joke around. This experience is absolutely a terrifying one, with the theme this year being ‘vampires’ or more specifically, ‘The Vampire Witch.’ Dark Hour has a changing theme and premise every year, by setting its haunt in Coven Manor they allow for a new witch every year to take over and bring the dark hour at hand.

As the travel down the twisting turning halls of the grounds of Coven Manor, the participant is in for a rush of fear, fun and amazement as they journey from one end to another. Making your way through is a daring and daunting task; one not meant for the faint of heart. But for those who can stomach a good scare, this haunted house is a dream location this Hallows Eve. The on site actors are excruciatingly good at giving someone a good rush of fear through the horrifying costumes and terrifying twists and turns of the house, and the rooms that the participant travels through have been so well designed that they themselves will give a rush of fright. If a participant is truly brave, they’ll go through the haunted and destroyed halls of Annabelle’s Asylum, a place where those infected by the witch’s magic have been “helped” by “caring” doctors and staff.

The price of admission varies from day to day, however, the price on Halloween night will be forty-two dollars. This is the only potential drawback, because an average high school student may not be able to get forty dollars just to go to a thrill of fear. But for those who can, the price is worth the adrenaline filled spooks you’ll encounter during the haunt. 

Those busy this Halloween may mourn the fact that they can’t go, but that’s where Dark Hour sets itself above the rest. Dark Hour is a year-long haunted house, which includes a summer attraction, a spring attraction, a February attraction, and an upcoming winter attraction. Go down for their ‘Wreck the Halls’ winter event for even more spooks, if you miss this spooky seasons event.

Dark Hour is a fun, terrifying, amazing haunt that will surely satisfy the need for something spooky. The actors are dedicated to terrifying the customer and the creatively horrifying sets will scare the pants off of any participant. This entire haunt gets well above an A+.