An Overview of Trump’s Impeachment


Kedhar Swaminathan and Meghan Holloran

“It’s finally happening”. The impeachment process for President Donald Trump has finally started, and if you ask me, it’s about time. It’s hard to believe that such a president has remained in office for so long. 


To summarize the main issues, he passed a travel ban that was rejected twice; damaged relations with North Korea at a United Nations summit, leading to an eventual government shutdown over the expanded issue; failed to create a new healthcare bill; and his involvement in the long and frustrating Russia investigation are just a few. Honestly, any of these actions should have gotten him impeached already, but it doesn’t matter now because Trump is under Investigation for his multiple crimes 


So, what started this impeachment process? Trump allegedly violated foreign clause emoluments by asking the Ukrainian president to charge Joe Biden with any criminal act committed in that country. This is a culmination of Trump’s misdeeds and missteps during his presidency.