Stampede 66

Charging to the top


Kennedy Jackson, Commentary editor

Eating dinner at Stampede 66 was an enjoyable experience. The atmosphere was comfortable. The decor gave the feel of a modernist take on country. Walking in the place immediately like a posh, homey cabin. The simple geometric designs combined with the Earth tones and colors, and the landscape images being displayed on the screens indoors gave the whole place a modernistic feel that is reminiscent of Pattern and Decoration. Furthermore, the service was wonderful. There was always a worker there to help and they were very friendly. They talked comfortably and tried their best to give you all the information, and their welcoming, happy demeanor improved the mood of the visit. The business also shows astute awareness to environment and is conscious and caring towards the animals that inhabit it by their use of either metal or paper straws, and are respectful and supportive to their customers that fight for environmental awareness..


The cholula honey glazed crispy smoked pork belly and grilled pineapple slaw is an appetizer served at the restaurant. This is a new dish that was put on the menu Sept. 16. My server promised I would enjoy it, and she was right. The pork was crisp on the outside but still tender on the rest of the meat. When I bit into pork it was a burst as the juice flowed into my mouth getting you ready for the seasoned flavor to come. The seasoning cooked into the richness of the pork had a slight kick to it that warmed my mouth, but don’t worry for those of you that don’t like it too spicy. It wasn’t overly hot. The sauce added a slight tangy flavor. It had hints of citrus fruit such as lemon or orange, while the pineapples gave it a sweet flavor, as if it was apart of a tropical fruit platter. The mix of savory and sweet had the dish in perfect balance. The onions and tomatoes added a delicious salsa taste to the mix as well. The whole dish made it seem like it was something off of a Hawaiiian menu at a luau.


The main meal was the chef mikeal’s burger; wood grilled beef, muenster cheese, fried egg, crispy onion strings, and spicy chipotle aioli. The burger was tender, not under or overcooked. It wasn’t a flimsy burger where it fell apart with a bite, or all the toppings fell out of the bun. It was easy to bite into, easy to chew, but firm as it stayed whole. The aioli helped give it a better seasoned flavor along with a nice kick. It tasted like a chipotle mayonnaise, a creamy, zesty sauce that combined the sensations of hot and sweet. When it was put on the burger it had the texture of a soft cheese sauce. The onions gave it a nice crunch, but the pickles weren’t ordinary dill pickles. They were between sweet and sour pickles which was very interesting. I’m not sure that was the best choice to put on this burger, or for the pickles to be flavored anyway, but it didn’t take much away from the burger. That coupled with the tomato was a nice contrast with the fried egg. Getting an egg on the burger was a great choice. The burger had a very pungent savory taste. While the egg white didn’t taste like anything, the yolk had a creamy and savory taste that enhanced the burger’s flavor. I’ve never had a burger like this one before, with its range of flavors, and I’m glad I got to taste it now. The fries were also an added bonus. Light, crispy and well seasoned.


They had a s’mores treat that was perfect for dessert. vanilla bean marshmallow, chocolate ganache, and graham crackers. It’s presentation was very pleasing as it was served similar to a parfait. At first I thought that the treat was a bit overpowered with marshmallows because it filled me up with the overwhelming taste of sugar. However,  as I dug down into the dish, I was met with an amount of rich, gooey chocolate and soft, sweet graham crackers that were just as abundant as the perfectly browned marshmallows. Overall it was good.


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Stampede 66 and I would recommend others to go too.


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