Dear K113, how do I balance my social life with school?


I’m having trouble balancing my social life and school

Dear student,

School can be a lot to handle. It is especially difficult to maintain a healthy balance between having a social life and keeping up with school work.

To be honest, I also have trouble with this⁠— sometimes I completely forget about school just to hang out with my friends because I am usually stuck doing homework. While it may be fun in the moment, I end up stressing over school because I realized I have tons of homework. I soon realized that I have to keep my priorities straight and focus on school.

There is also an abundance of other people that struggle with procrastination on a daily basis. Procrastination is a common thing that people do, but doing work early can give you a lot of time to spend with your friends. Learn how to manage time wisely to the best of your abilities.

Sometimes, there are days where you are just stuck in a vortex of homework that is piled onto each other and you just can’t seem to get out of the mess. It can be overwhelming because you want to complete it all within a certain time frame but do not want to overwork yourself. Take five minute breaks after completing a set of notes: talk with a friend, eat food, scroll through social media, or even watch a Youtube video.

Most importantly, do not forget to sleep. Sleeping may seem evident, but most people tend to put off sleeping just to do their work. It is understandable that finishing homework during that time seems better but it is not if you are missing sleep. Sleep helps relax and regenerate the mind therefore it is essential.

Dedicate your free time to hanging out with friends rather than studying. Being overworked can cause stress, so it’s better to be more relaxed than constantly being stressed. If you feel as if this is taking away your studying time, it is not⁠— it is a destresser.

Sincerely, Dear K113