Dear K113, how can I be truly happy?


Lately I’ve been feeling horrible about myself. I don’t know why though. I keep masking it under happiness and everyone thinks I’m fine but then I go home and bawl my eyes out and act like nothing’s wrong. Got any advice?

Dear student,

I understand this completely. The feeling of shoving everything down, pretending you’re happy and no one having a clue that you are not doing well mentally. I get waves of sadness that sometimes last for just a day. Other times, it feels like it is never ending.

When this happens I want to be left alone to wallow, but I find that it makes it worse to be left alone with my thoughts. It almost feels like I am trapped in this emotional rut with no way out. However, I have a support system. I like to distract myself by hanging out with friends, doing things I enjoy, going on scenic walks, focusing on school work, or even exercising. Usually, I distract myself so well that I find myself out of the negativity but there are times when it just progressively gets worse.

Then I turn to telling someone or writing my thoughts down. It has been said by psychologists that talking about your feelings improves your mentality. It is okay to talk to someone you trust about your problems. When talking to someone, you gain some perspective about what you are dealing with and some advice from that particular person you’re talking to. If you feel as if you don’t have someone to talk to, then you can also resort to journaling. Writing down your thoughts and rereading them, you can understand your feelings and problems more clearly. Psychologists have also said that journaling, like talking, can not only improve your mentality but also help you sort out your feelings.

Sincerely, K113