“Tryhard” Review: The Band CAMINO didn’t have to try so hard to rock this one


Mackenzie Jones, Staff writer

Four member alternative-indie band, The Band CAMINO released their 2019 extended play (EP) “Tryhard” on Aug. 23. This release was composed with a variety of booming bass, thundering drums, mellow keys, and incredible vocals. The alternative style of music that the band produces is very much a different take on music-making than most artists do. The very upbeat yet calming effect of the instruments, coupled with the genius lyrics that their songs feature is a big part of their individual style. All eight songs on The Band CAMINO’s 2019 EP have their own unique sound, lyrics, meaning, and set of instruments used to make each song recognizable and enjoyable for their listeners.

Back in 2016 when the members Andrew Isbell, Jeffery Jordan, Graham Rowell and Spencer Stewart released their first EP titled “My Thoughts on You,” they gained major popularity after their song “The Black and White” was featured on a Spotify “Top 50” playlist. Since their rise to the surface, the band has compiled 1,761,223 and counting total monthly listeners on Spotify alone, where it’s one of the highest ranked apps to stream music. One of the reasons The Band CAMINO was, and still is, getting listeners’ attention is because in 2016, the typical big-named artist was releasing pop, electronic and rap-styled content, so alternative rock and indie music wasn’t being released in abundance.

Trading in their softer and simpler style of music with the keys, drums and bare vocals seen on their 2016 EP, the members go for a more upbeat and busy effect to their 2019 release. The opening track “What I Want” starts off with an electric guitar riff that slowly adds in drum beats before the first lyrics of the EP make their daybuit. The beat and vocals start at a low and calming entrance but it later goes into a high, attention-grabbing buildup. Going into the lyrics and adding more instruments is a consistent theme throughout the EP as it starts low, then crawls to a fantastic high. Apart from the new sound of their songs, another element that’s unique to “Tryhard” is the interesting effect of the singer’s voice appearing to sound muffled which can be heard in the sixth track “Haunted,” and echoes which can be heard in the seventh track “Farsighted.” The incredible elements of muffles and echoes create a sense of fantasinating depth that ties both the lyrics and instruments together.

Although this EP is full of unique elements such as the background sounds introduced that makes the album outstanding, a variety of instruments used in each song and powerful vocals that are enjoyed even on their own, one element may not be as enjoyable to listeners. Multiple times throughout the album, the lyrics sound so muffled because of the echoes that understanding what exactly is being said can be difficult. Other than this, The Band CAMINO has definitely nailed and released some awesome music.

The band has stated that they consider the sound they create as rock music with 80s production and that unique sound can easily be heard in “See Through” with keys as the opening for the 80s aspect then heavy electric guitar and drums are added for the rock aspect. Although there are deep and loud sounds to create the rock side of the EP such as in “Daphne Blue,” the vocal tone brings an overall not-heavy-rock energy for the listeners because the voice dynamics typically stay between talking pitch and mild yelling throughout the entire EP.

The Band CAMINO’s “Tryhard” deserves an A as they have proved they can produce both soft and rock styles of music with an alternative feel that creates an illusion of the past which is different from the commonly seen pop released music in 2019.