Falling into homecoming

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Falling into homecoming

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Allen High School’s 2019 Homecoming Dance will be on Saturday, Sept. 14, from 8-11p.m. The theme this year is “Falling into Autumn,” emphasizing the fall feeling, and will have a fall festival theme according to members of the student council.

“There’s going to be food like popcorn,” Erin Kim, student council representative, said. “Just generally fall themed kind of [food and decoration].”

This year, ticket prices will vary on the month that students purchase – starting at $25 in August. The closer to the date, the more money the dance will cost. In September the cost raises to $30, and at the door the cost will be $40. 

“Before school started [the price] was $20,” Kim stated. “If you knew how to find it.” 

Unlike previous years, a new feature added this year is multiple Homecoming courts. According to student council organizers, the idea for multiple courts was to include more students in Homecoming itself. In contrast to the rumors amongst the students, there will not be three Homecoming queens. Instead, a student proposed to the council to have a hierarchy, with a senior Homecoming queen, a junior Homecoming princess, and a sophomore Homecoming duchess. 

“There are going to be different courts for each grade,” Rachel Suk, student council representative, said. “But we need to work on [the details].”

So far there have been mixed opinions from the students on this idea, ranging from positive to negative. All opinions can be reported to student council, as its purpose is to create new ways for students to be involved in school activities like the homecoming dance. 

“With student council, the goal is to help reach students,” adviser Blaine Mountain said. “A student came to us and said we want to make another tradition for Allen High School, and we said, ‘We want to help you with that.’”

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