“Angry Birds 2” Review: The flock returns to theaters with an exceptional sequel


Alessio Haro, Managing editor

A movie adaptation of the mobile game with the same name, is an unlikely thought. A movie adaptation about a mobile game solely based on launching flightless birds at green pigs is an even more unlikely thought. Yet, that’s exactly what Rovio Entertainment did. A decade after the game’s release, a second “Angry Birds Movie” was slingshotted into theaters with a feathery bang.

Initially released in 2009, “Angry Birds” became iconic primarily for its unique yet basic style of gameplay along with its lovable, unique birds and cartoonish graphics. Since then, the birds have flocked to new styles of gameplay, including the role-playing game (RPG), “Angry Birds Epic” and the racing game, “Angry Birds Go.” It’s only been until recently that the game has left its nest of the mobile world to the big screen with “The Angry Birds Movie” being released in 2016. Although the first movie left viewers with a bad aftertaste, the second part wrapped up the story with a humorous and heartwarming conclusion.

The movie picks up in the events after Bird Island’s victory over Piggy Island. The aftermath of the win results in a period of friendly banter between the two islands, quickly being interrupted by a series of massive, airborne ice balls that begin to terrorize the inhabitants of both kingdoms. It’s discovered that the origin of the frequent air attacks is a third island, known by the name of Eagle Island. Due to their new common enemy, Red (Jason Sudeikis) and his flock form a truce as frenemies with King Mudbeard Leonard (Bill Hader) and his piggies and venture out to Eagle Island to save both of their homes.

Character compatibility is one of the most evident features that makes “The Angry Birds 2 Movie,”, with characters that contrast yet develop each other in striking ways. Chuck’s (Josh Gad) quirky and ‘ladies-man’ type personality emphasizes Bomb’s (Danny McBride) unattractive, slow and often dumbfounded idea of how to impress females. While the flock of heroes are different in their own ways, their ‘good guy’ label is backed up by the maniacal and eccentric persona that Zeta (Leslie Jones), ruler of Eagle Island, carries. Her sinful yearnings to clear out the population of both piggy and bird island in order to build an amusement park serves as the crowning jewel that makes her the perfect antagonist of the film.

Despite being labeled as action/adventure,”The Angry Birds 2 Movie” uses humor as a recurring element in an appropriate dosage that appeals to younger and older audiences. Unlike many children movies, fart jokes are not the butt of the plot, and situational humor is used instead. For instance, the flock dresses up in an eagle costume and must get past security on Eagle Island, setting up a number of grin-cracking scenarios — one involving a dance battle against the guards.

On a lesser note, the 97-minute runtime served as a tight compression of the films full potential. The beginning featuring the aftermath of the birds’ victory over the pigs was rushed and poorly thought out, which is clearly shown through the series of days being passed in just a span of about 30 minutes. On the contrary, the short length of the film serves as the ideal run time for a family movie, ensuring that the audience will receive just enough of the “Angry Birds”.

“The Angry Birds Movie 2” serves as a testimony that even something thought of as a forgotten game still has the ability so much so that two movies were created. Its character development, as well as the often times hilarious, unfiltered humor makes the film a joy to watch with family or friends and can serve as a blast to the squawking past, earning the film a solid A.