“DNA” Review: Backstreet Boys make comeback with love story

Caroline Tucker, Editor-in-chief

Backstreet’s back alright, and oh, are they here to stay with their ninth album, “DNA.” It’s been almost six years since the Backstreet Boys released an album, and I’m sure to our mothers it was a very exciting moment on Jan. 25 when the boy band finally released their new music. Filled with bouncy pop and jazzy undertones, the Backstreet Boys tell a story about love through “DNA.” Shockingly, the album is actually worth listening to.

When I found out that the classic boy band had gotten back together to make more music, I, to put it simply, laughed. And when I saw that the first song on the track list was “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” a part of me believed that it would be some weird cover of the song by Elton John. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a fast-paced, intense, catchy modern pop song. I actually screamed in my car when it came on because of how impressed I was with their sound, and I began to realize why our parents listened to their music.

The album definitely screams boy band, but bops like “Passionate” and “Chances” are perfect for a late night drive. During a few songs, however, the thought of a 47-year-old man singing about getting with a girl was a bit uncomfortable, but the energetic sound of their voices made up for it. “DNA” tells the story of a new love being found and how even people who are meant to be together can reach low points in their relationship. They say that yes, people do change and grow over time, but if it truly is meant to be, they will find their way back to each other. So yes, they deliver the basic boy band message, but their ancient voices sound fresh and revived.

“DNA” was filled with upbeat sounds and instrumentals that made it impossible not to enjoy at least a few tracks. Though occasionally, it felt as if the added-in flute and edited voice of a guy saying “ah yeah” every five seconds was a bit excessive. The song “New Love” fell victim to this, with so many things happening at once that it felt like a dad trying too hard to fit in with people half his age. But, the originality of the boys’ or I guess, the men’s voices creates a fun throwback album. I would give this album an A minus; it was entertaining to listen to. Who knew that the Backstreet comeback was my one desire?