Sophia Forrester, Photo Editor

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Grief and hopelessness filled many women across the nation. As I was watching the hearing, I was apprehensive about both Kavanaugh and the entire government. The government couldn’t be so ignorant to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, right? Wrong. So so wrong. How could an alleged rapist even be considered to be a part of the government?

I was heartbroken when I found out he was confirmed. More so frustrated with our country.  Many women felt silenced, ignored and belittled when Kavanaugh was confirmed to serve the Supreme Court for life. When he was nominated by President Trump as the new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Christine Blasey Ford stood up against the patriarchy and accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her back in high school. Although she was acting honorably, with bravery and courage, she was attacked and harassed for simply challenging a man.  

I was in total disbelief that Kavanaugh was confirmed to the court. The interviews, the hearings and the absolute immaturity he displayed are very telling of our government: the system allows sneaky, disgusting men to rule above everyone else. The government allows an accused rapist to be a “leader.” In the hearing, he talked about beer almost as if he was in love with it. He described drinking beer with his friends, claiming everyone does. Sometimes he drank too many beers, and others did too. He still loves beer. How many times does a man have to say he likes beer? We got it. We got that Kavanaugh is a dry person, and he has nothing else to talk about except beer.

Also, certain pieces of Kavanaugh’s derogatory evidence was from his yearbook. Instead of being open and sincere, Kavanaugh defended himself by attacking the yearbook committee for being lazy and unorganized. What type of man does that make him? If he, a grown adult, can’t take responsibility for himself and blames everything else but himself, how can we trust him in court? Let alone, what does that say about who we are and what we believe in as a nation? America’s leaders should have integrity and be known for their honor. Instead, they are selfish and belittling to those with different beliefs, including Kavanaugh who disparaged his accusers.

The childish behavior reflected in the trial is infuriating, especially since most Americans know that nothing will change no matter how much we demand it: we want Kavanaugh off the bench. Kavanaugh wasn’t found guilty or innocent, but the fact that he was accused should be a reflection of his character. If there is even the slightest chance of him being a rapist, he should have no right to become a part of the justice system. The Kavanaugh trial and appointment to the Court mirrors the state of our government and President Trump’s administration.The government thinks that they can brush off a woman and still come out on top as saviors. Dr. Ford went under scrutiny and sacrificed her privacy, only to be mocked by the President himself and receive countless death threats at her door. All of that, just for ignorance and neglect of a fellow American. That’s who Christine Blasey Ford is: another American woman who was torn limb from limb, not only by the government, but also by the supporters of Kavanaugh and Trump.


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