‘Mirror Master’ Review: A Coming-Of-Age Soundtrack

November 9, 2018

Mirror Master Review: A Coming-Of-Age Soundtrack

Young the Giant’s “Mirror Master” plays like the soundtrack to a teen coming-of-age movie. The band’s fifth studio album, with its catchy melody and astonishing lyrics, is a story about self-discovery, opening up and putting yourself out on the line. Accented by the alternative and indie vibes, the album is set in an equilibrium of quality, with a balanced amount of upbeat and slow-paced songs.

The opening song, “Superposition,” is a soft love song, redolent of how people are pulled together by circumstance. Its soft musical prowess goes on throughout the song, ricocheting off the walls of your mind as the powerful lyrics delcare “Superstition aims with imprecision/In any universe you are my dark star.” The tune is reminiscent of an opening song for a movie, establishing what the story it’s going to set.

However, the instrumental drags in places. It has a tendency to sound extremely similar to the other songs at times, almost as if there’s a sense of déjà vu upon listening to certain sections. The entire album has a similar tone throughout. There’s nothing new here because the album is a type of indie alternative that’s been done to death. However, despite its overall demeanor, it is a marvelously pleasant listening experience. While the songs are very similar to what you would expect to hear on a soundtrack for a decently made but awfully written story of growing up, the entire album encaptures the mood perfectly.

One highlight that captures the album’s mood perfectly is the song “You + I.” As one of the last songs on the album, “You + I” helps to wrap up the album in a way that encompasses what this album is really about; self-discovery and being with people you care about. The melody in the background intensifies the lyrics, and the upbeat tone helps to contrast the chorus’ philosophical rambling, lending to the story and vulnerability of the entire album. Similar to the final scene of a movie when the two leads finally get together, the songs sweet tune and cheerful delivery of the lyrics add to the conclusion of the album. The actual end of the album comes in “Mirror Master,” the end credits to a pretty decent album.

Listening through the album in one sitting gives good vibes, as if completing a movie. Through incredible lyrics and Young the Giant’s fantastic musical abilities, “Mirror Master” earns a A- for the amazing feel, style and songs.

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