Briefly Speaking – week of 9/24

Maya Morriswala, Editor-in-chief


On Oct. 13, the Foundation for Allen Schools will host its annual gala at the Courtyard by Marriott. This year’s theme is Nashville Nights.

About one percent of the 1.6 million juniors, 12 of which are from Allen, who took the PSAT last year earned the title of National Merit semifinalist. They will submit detailed applications to possibly be selected as National Merit finalists who can earn certain scholarships.


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh received a third sexual misconduct allegation on Sept. 26, which complicates his road to being confirmed.

On Sept. 25, Judge Steven O’Neill sentenced Bill Cosby to three to 10 years in prison for sexual assault.


Pope Francis has addressed the multiple allegations of abuse within the Catholic Church and claims the Church is giving its all to stop the abuse. However, it is unclear whether the amount of scandals are decreasing, as it can take decades for them to be revealed.

After a man was given the death penalty for possessing and distributing medicinal marijuana oil, outrage erupted, causing the Malaysian government to start talks to legalize medical marijuana. If Malaysia legalizes it, they will become the first Asian country to do so.