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Time’s up

Yes, that means you too.

Francis Salazar, Staff writer

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Time’s up. The time for ignorance and “locker room talk” is over. No longer are we accepting excuses that men make time and time again. No longer are we allowing predators to continue on as they have. In 2018, their time is up.

Following Harvey Weinstein’s fall from power in Hollywood, celebrities took a stand at the Golden Globes to send a message to those whose clock is slowly running out of time. Hollywood is notorious for its blatant sexism and misogyny, and for celebrities to actually take a stand is nothing short of amazing. It’s a powerful statement for women to gain a voice in an environment that has shown time and time again that it doesn’t care about them.

Near the end of 2017, women and men alike took a stand and broke the silence surrounding sexual assault. Today in 2018, women and men have continued calling predators out. We have broken the silence and have continued to allow the voices of the abused and silenced to speak. We are now entering a year where women and men alike who have been abused can speak openly about their abuse and actually be believed and fought for.

The Time’s Up movement is a powerful one, however it does leave a slightly bitter taste in my mouth when Woody Allen is still working and Lena Dunham still acting. Even Johnny Depp is still cast in  movies. While yes, I will scream until my lungs cave in about this movement, it still has work to do. We have to acknowledge the fact that Hollywood still has issues regarding sexual assault. However, it is getting better, and celebrities are taking a stand with the survivors of sexual assault.

Our culture has long since been one of allowing silence and “locker room talk.” American culture has allowed a toxic, harmful idea that women are weak and only exist for men’s pleasure to thrive. Now you might disagree, but I say this to name to you: Brock Turner. Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman and was sentenced to six months. He served three. Thus, when I say that men have been allowed to thrive in this dangerous culture that we have in America, I mean it.
Be that as it may, our culture is changing and will continue to change as long as we have movements such as #TimesUp and #MeToo. As long as we have awareness in places such as Hollywood, we can start change in our society. We have women and men stepping forward and speaking their truth and for the first time being believed.

For the first time, survivors are being fought for. We are clearing a spot at the table for them almost everywhere. The Time’s Up movement in Hollywood is the spot that they, the survivors, have carved out for themselves. This movement is leading women of all ethnicities and social standings to protect each other.

Time’s Up for the predators and abusers. Time’s Up for the disbelief and slut-shaming. Time’s Up.


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Francis Salazar, Feature Editor

Senior Francis Salazar loves writing, the aesthetic and watching Netflix. She plans on going to USC to get her business degree.

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