Artists of Allen: Sarah Anderson


Sophia Forrester, Staff writer

Her hand is smudged with lead from sketching and doodling. Her head is filled with a million different colors and ideas. She takes out her paintbrush and starts with blue. Then red. Then yellow. She focuses as her arm swiftly dances across the canvas. She wipes her forehead, which smears paint on to the ends of her hair, and she keeps going.

Sophomore Sarah Anderson loves to dance and and twirl. Except, her paintbrush does the dancing. She’s an artist who paints and sketches regularly. She loves to paint abstract art, and one of her favorite mediums is oil paints.

Q: How did you start with painting and drawing?

A: I’ve always been into art because of my parents were both taking art classes when I was little, and so I would always watch them draw and make their “masterpieces,” so my parents kind of influenced me to start.