Humans of Allen: Justin Guffey


Tate Peterson, Photo editor

“The process of buying a car can be stressful but realistically it’s something everyone will have to do at some point in time. I am currently undergoing this endeavor and for the most part it kinda sucks. First you have to find out what kind of car you even want and in today’s market that’s difficult because there are so many different options that many that would say this is the hardest part. I know that I want to purchase a mid 1990s Mazda Miata, so the hard parts over right? Wrong, because not only is this car old enough that most of them are off the market but it is also highly sought after by a certain community of people due to its reliability, ease of maintenance, and stellar driving experience. After contacting many people and running into multiple dead ends I have all but given up, however; I am determined to find the car that is worth my money and can offer me the best ‘bang for my buck’. I know that eventually all my research and perseverance will pay off. But for now I will keep driving my 2005 Ford minivan with the hopes of one day soon finding exactly what I’m looking for and end this seemingly endless search for the perfect car.”