Humans of Allen: Traeton Janssens


Julia Zaksek, Sr. managing editor

“I want to go to school in France because I’ve been to Europe a lot in the past because my dad’s from Belgium, so we go there every couple summers to see his family. Usually we’ll go to a couple other countries like the Netherlands, or Germany, or Luxembourg or France. When I’ve been to Paris, I’ve really really liked it there. When I visited the schools there this summer I really really liked it. Also, I’ve spent the last five years learning french in school, and I feel like it be a waste to learn it all and not really put it into use. Also, a big part of it is money. Here, even with the scholarship offers that I have, I’d probably be looking at $20,000-$25,000 a year for tuition. If I get into the schools I want to go to in France, it’d be around $400 a year. I also think it’d be a really cool experience, in general. It’d be much more interesting and much more exciting than if I were to go school in Chicago or New York. I think going [to school] in Paris would be a lot better. And I just like it more there.”