Humans of Allen: Micaela Chaparro


Micaela Chaparro by Divya Jagadeeesh

Divya Jagadeesh, Editor-in-chief

“When I was younger, my brother and I were kind of opposites, and we were polarized. He was very into science, math and logic, and so I kind of didn’t have a niche. So I decided that I’d start reading and writing, so I have my own thing to do. And once I started doing it, it’s cliche that I liked it because I can create whatever I want, or I can create whatever story I want. But it’s true, you can write whatever you want, no matter what it is, or how horrible it is. You can write it and make it a reality with a couple of words or sentences, and somebody else can read it and know the exact thought going through your head, which is interesting.”