Humans of Allen: Abby Weller


Abby Weller Jasmine Davis

Jasmine Davis, Staff writer

“They say that love finds you at your lowest point. In whatever shape or form, it swoops in and saves you from drowning in what seems to be a never ending cycle of a life becoming dull and unlivable… and I needed to be saved. Middle school was the worst years of my life, I felt like nothing was going right and that I would never find myself. That was until I met him. I had no idea that the end of my eighth grade year I would meet the best person to ever enter my life. He changed my perspective on how I looked at the world and how I looked at myself. I found a new confidence in me that I didn’t know existed. I spent over a year being blessed by his encouragement to succeed and push myself to become the best version I could be. We later on grew apart, but when I look back at the happiest moments in my life it was the journey he embarked with me on finding my way in the world and learning to love myself and others with pure compassion.”