Allen introduces new privilege periods

Natalie McMahon, Online editor

During the current school year, administrators have begun implementing new changes with replacement of “off period” to privilege period being the most impactful.

Unlike off periods, privilege periods can be taken away and replaced with academic monitoring. According to the Allen High School website, if a student is failing two to three core classes by progress report time, or if at the end of the grading period they are failing one or more core classes, the student  will be placed in this program.

“In the past, students had off-periods on their schedules, so, to align with our student handbook that says students can’t leave campus, we changed the name to privilege periods,” Associate Principal Jared Miller said. “It’s a very similar concept to an off-period but we just [changed] the word to ‘privilege period.’”

Along with the introduction of privilege periods comes the debut of the Eagle’s Nest, a junior and senior privilege area where students spend their privilege periods.

“The Eagle’s Nest is in our newly-renovated gym area and it’s [located in] the upper mezzanine of the gym,” Miller said. “As long as you have your trust card, you’ve earned your privilege and you can go up there.”

A second school store called “The Edge” in the Eagle’s Nest was added; it offers merchandise and snacks. It’s similar to the Eagle Edge located in the Performing Arts Center.  

“There’s a concession stand that’s been there ever since the gym was built, but nobody has ever used it,” Miller said. “We’ve talked with our store Eagle Edge and they [have] taken it over.”

The amenities in this area include ping-pong tables, cushion chairs and outlets. Students may also buy snacks, coffee and Eagles’ merchandise from The Edge.

“I like it because the cafeteria is so crowded and there’s no room to sit in there, so we just come out here,” Junior Hannah Smith said. “I like that they’re actually some places to sit.”

The seating in the Eagle’s Nest has arm rests and tables available so students can work on homework or just relax.

“I enjoy it because there are a lot of chargers here, and I like being able to sit and be with friends,” Junior Stephanie Rivera said. “I think other students will like it because everything is all together in one area.”  

Administrators are looking into adding some TVs up in the Eagle’s Nest, but they’re still in the early stages of planning. There’s even talk of hosting some smaller banquets up there.

“I’m very excited. It’s given our students a different place to go and hang out,” Miller said. “There aren’t many high schools around that have areas like these; it’s unique.”