Humans of Allen: Theo Wease


Jasmine Davis, Staff writer

“I lost my big brother when I was 4, he was the most passionate person I knew about football [and] that drives me everyday to work harder. Now that he’s gone my mindset is ‘Go get it done’, but my parents stay on me 24/7 like I know he would. I fell in love with the game of football since day one, it runs in my family that’s why I’m so committed to it. I’ll continue to be focused on football until I can’t play anymore. During last season, I got a surgery in February because I had a sports hernia in my groin and my teammates kept me motivated to keep pushing to get back [to being] healthy. My coaches and parents help me a lot with being the perfect example of an Allen Eagle and also keeping my grades up. Everyday it’s pressure being an Allen Eagle, everybody has a target on your back and we’re labeled as ‘perfect’ in the highschool football world. My parents inspired me the most to always keep pushing through adversity. I only have one goal and that’s to be a better leader for both sides of the ball, I want to be successful and make sure my parents are proud of me. I plan to commit right before my senior season, I’m taking my time so I make sure I’ve made the right decision.”