Humans of Allen: Sonia Bhargava


Alyssa Holloway, Staff writer

“This is my first year at Allen, and it’s just a big change from my old school, Imagine. I came back to Allen for the freedom, the more variety in electives, volleyball, clubs and organizations offered here. Imagine was really small, but didn’t have a lot of freedom in choosing electives or the career paths offered at Allen. Allen is also more organized that Imagine was, and the huge size compared to how small Imagine was shows a lot more diversity among people. A huge part of me coming here is for the volleyball program. Imagine didn’t offer one, and coming here, all the volleyball girls are so welcoming. I had heard stories about mean girls here, but everyone here is really nice. In a new school you don’t know what to expect, but everyone is literally so nice, and I’ve already made so many new friends. My advice to new students: if you feel like you’re struggling, don’t feel alone.”