Humans of Allen: Anna Lanza


Divya Jagadeesh, Editor-in-chief

“I think I’m managing better. I’ve found a balance in medication for now, which has made a huge difference. I still struggle to be my own advocate, especially with teachers and classmates. It’s hard to talk or offer up very personal information to someone who doesn’t even know you, especially when it’s so hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it, and I’m so afraid it just sounds like an excuse to be behind on work. I’m getting better at taking short naps after school and before I drive somewhere. I know when I need to get rides so I’m not putting myself and others in danger. It’s a slow learning process. It’s a shock to learn that your brain has been messing you up since fifth grade and having to figure it out when it’s least convenient, but it’s empowering to step back and look at what I’ve accomplished in spite of it all.”