A star in the making


Cameras are flashing, models are walking down the catwalk, a never ending sea of faces taking in every detail of the fabric on the bodies. This is the life of junior Jeanette Goodlin, a fashion designer in the making.

Jeanette Goodlin showcased her own fashion ideas earlier this year, and said she strives to do much more with her passion. Goodlin said that this is just the start of it all.

“I first wanted to be an actor, and as a freshman I tried for the musical but I didn’t get it,” Goodlin said. “I knew how to sew, so I went for the tech part of theatre, and I immediately went for costuming. Then my passion for fashion designing began.”

Goodlin draws her inspiration from modern trends. When when she catches sight of an interesting one, she finds a way to make it her own. Jeanette said that with this state of mind, the possibilities are endless, and the ideas are always flowing.

“When you look at a piece of clothing, there are so many different changes you can make to it,” Goodlin said. “For example, looking at a t-shirt, the design between long and short sleeves is so different: the fabric, the color, the cutline. There are so many changes that can be modified.”

Goodlin’s changes were noticed when she applied for a fashion show known as “The Pin Show.” Goodlin had to apply six months before the show, and she made it to the second round of interviews. After, a collection of designers are chosen to show off their clothing line.

“My designs were so different from the others,” Goodlin said. “It actually made me very nervous because they all had a common theme while my clothes were just my ideas at random; people were either going to love it or hate it.”

With Goodlin being 16 years old, the weight of representing her generation was upon her shoulders. Not only to represent who she is, but also her generation, Goodlin said. In every professional career, age seems to be the limit of everything, but Goodlin managed to hold up the weight.

“As a young artist, I’m not experienced so being at the show,  I had to gain knowledge from the professionals who were there,” Goodlin said. “But it was also difficult; I wasn’t seen the same as the ones who have been in it for years.”

Goodlin doesn’t want to stop at fashion shows; she wants to continue down this path and make a career out of it. She says she hopes that one day, her name will be known through a fashion line and this show was only the beginning.

“Put yourself out there, there are so many opportunities to take advantage of,” Goodlin said. “You can’t be afraid of rejection because nothing will happen, [and] no progress will be made in achieving your goal.”