UNICEF club hosts fundraiser for Syria

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UNICEF club hosts fundraiser for Syria

Felix Kalvesmaki, Commentary editor

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The UNICEF club is hosting a bake sale outside the cafeteria until April 28 to benefit refugees and others in need in Syria.

UNICEF, or the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, is an international program that provides relief for children across the world. Club officer and sophomore Alizay Azeem says the collection will manifest in supplies sent overseas.

“All of the proceeds are going to UNICEF,” Azeem said. “And from there the money will go toward food, refugee aid and immunizations.”

The club is selling chocolate chip and frosted cookies that are homemade by members and others in the student body.

“We actually partnered with NHS,” Azeem said. “So some members donated for service hours, and some UNICEF club members also donated some baked goods.”

Recent chemical attacks and human rights violations in Syria inspired the club to start the fundraiser. Club officer and sophomore Sruthi Potturi said the main goal is to spread further awareness.

“By doing things like this, people can come and get something that they’d like to eat, and we’re spreading awareness of what’s going on in the world,” Potturi said. “It lets people know that they can do something just by donating a dollar.”

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