AHS After Prom canceled

The annual post dance party will not be held this year

Julia Zaksek , Jr. managing editor

After Prom, the parent sponsored lock-in party and game night, will not be held this year.

“Attendance the last few years at After Prom has been declining, [and if] you lose interest by students, [you] lose the of interest by parents,” financial math teacher and Student Council adviser Jason Thompson said.

The tradition has long been a part of many students’ prom experience and is typically financed and planned by parents of the senior class. However, this year, a lack of volunteers and support for the event lead to its cancellation.

“When you don’t have a big enough volunteer group, it’s just not feasible,” Thompson said. “You can’t have just a small group do it all.”

Volunteers were responsible for ticket sales, ensuring the donation of raffle prizes, creating activities for students and chaperoning the event.

“For the past couple years I’ve heard about a lot of fun things happening at After Prom, so I really wanted to go,” senior Adrienne Wells said.

After Prom featured games, raffles and other activities for students, usually tied to the prom’s theme.

“Sometimes you’re not the most comfortable person at a dance; you just wanted to go as a kind of social requirement, but then you have something fun to do afterwards,” Wells said.

However, the possibility of AHS hosting After Prom in the future is not completely out of the picture.

“I’m sure that if there’s a group that wants to do it next year, the school will fully allow it,” Thompson said.