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Flipside: Disney Live Action

Francis Salazar and Alyssa White

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Why Can’t We See The Story Again? (Francis Salazar)

Disney has long been a part of people’s childhood. From Mickey Mouse to Moana, Disney has been there. Every year Disney expands their presence, and this year it’s through “Beauty and the Beast,” the live action version.

This “tale as old as time” is well known, which is why it’s a classic. We know the plot, we know and love the characters, so why wouldn’t we want to see our favorite actors and actresses in these iconic roles? It’s not like seeing live-action versions of different things is weird; it’s actually kind of normal. From “Arrow,” originally a DC Comic, to “Harry Potter,” a fantastic book series, this trend has become so popular, why wouldn’t Disney try it for themselves?

Disney has opened up a whole new world of amazing CGI, and they’ve casted actors we know from other things that play the characters we love. As someone who loves Beauty and the Beast, the animation version will always hold a spot in my heart. However, seeing it as a live action movie brings a whole new realness to the film.

We now see these characters as real people…I remember hearing about the movie and I thought to myself, “we’re getting to see the castle, the rose, the dress.” The live action brings all that to life and more. The movie itself was an amazing blend of CGI and real people. The storytelling was just as good as the original animated movie. From the very beginning to the very end, “Beauty and the Beast” did a great job at retaining the nostalgia and adding something entirely new to the story.

While yes, we have heard the story and we’ve seen how it plays out, there’s a reason why this trend is so popular. Many times we’ve seen our favorite books and comics transform into something more modern. Although the story was pretty much the same, seeing it with actual humans and not a character that’s animated brings a new type of magic to fans all over the world.

Disney has several live-action movies already planned, and while they run the chance of being boring and stretching things out, they also bring a chance of more kids seeing the movies and having the Disney movie magic in their life.

The live action movie is bringing Disney to the newest generation, keeping the story but adding something new to the story, and these movies will be the forefront of that.

Against: We’ve Already Heard the Story (Alyssa White)

Since Cinderella saved Walt Disney, the audience has either hated or loved the company. As more princesses were released with every new “Once upon a time,” their popularity grew and it became an expectation to watch Disney, worship Disney, breathe Disney. “Beauty and the Beast,” among many of the other classic princess tales, became a childhood staple.

So far, there are 22 live action films planned. Previously, there was “Snow White.” Now, we have “Beauty and the Beast.” Later, we will supposedly have “Mulan,” brought to life on a big screen to retell the story many of us know by heart through the original animated film. It’s definitely a hype and a trend. Soon, we’ll see Disney princess movies the way we do superhero movies: drawn out, milked and repetitive.

When superhero movies became the trend, it was exciting. Plenty of fans were overjoyed when all their favorites were coming to life, rightfully so. However, when it was revealed that plans for superhero movies were going to to at least the year 2020, they were quickly discouraged. Many realized that the live action was not meant for the fans of the original story, but to make new fans by creating a modern version, usually on a new medium. This resulted in some sort of discomfort regarding superhero movie announcements. (Deadpool 3 anyone?)

Welcome to the future of Disney, everyone.

Once the first few films do well, Disney will quickly escalate into creating movies for sequels and prequels that may not even officially exist with the animated version. The fans will have to face movies that aren’t made for their enjoyment, but to make money off a trend that will surely be stretched out for several years.

Admittedly, I didn’t enjoy Disney as much as a child as my friends did, but I do enjoy a few movies. The stories are cute, and I wouldn’t turn down watching one with my little cousin if they asked. However, I can’t bring myself to want to see a live action film for a woman falling in love with a cursed monster. The intention of Disney with these films is to not please the fans, although I acknowledge no business decision is solely for the fans, but these films are nothing but a grab for your money.

If you enjoy the new live action Beauty and the Beast, I’m glad. Be careful with your expectations, however, because in a few years we might just find ourselves in the shoes of DC and Marvel fans when Disney begins making movies about Ariel’s daughter.

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