Briefly speaking — Week of 3/20

Sara Schleede, Editor-in-chief


British police made “significant arrests” on Friday in their investigation of the attacker accused of perpetrating a knife attack and vehicle rampage through London. The 52-year-old attacker is guilty of previous small-time crimes and has become increasingly radicalized over recent years, taking on the name Khalid Masood, among other aliases. It is unknown whether or not he acted alone in his attack that left three dead on Thursday.

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mabarak was freed from detention on Friday, six years after his overthrow. He left Cairo’s Maadi Military Hospital in the morning for his mansion in suburban Heliopolis. Mabarak was recently cleared of any roles in the deaths of more than 200 protesters in the 2011 populist revolts which ended his rule.


House Republican leaders pulled a bill rewriting America’s health-care system from consideration Friday afternoon. This means that the Affordable Care Act will stay in place, which goes against one of President Donald Trump and the Republican party’s platform promises will be unfulfilled. Hours before the decision, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan visited Trump to warn that the proposed legislation didn’t have enough support among the House.

The Congressional Black Caucus is requesting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the FBI to assist in the search for missing black girls in the Washington, D.C., area. There have been 501 cases of missing juveniles in the first three months of the year, 22 of which were unsolved as of March 22.


The library is hosting the third annual Poetry Slam on April 11 at 6:30 pm. Those wanting to participate must submit the original poem they intend on performing and a completed permission slip to the library no later than April 6.

The second annual Remembrance Week will be held April 3-7, with activities that honor late students and staff members and promote personal betterment. Shirts will be delivered to those who purchased them in class April 4 and 5.