Humans of Allen: Meghan Dunn


Julia Zaksek , Jr. managing editor

I got really bad highlights in 10th grade. So, I wanted to cover them up. I dyed my hair blonde, then I got sick of that so junior year I dyed it red. However, it turned out rather gross-looking and fake, so I dyed it dark. I had it like that for maybe six months. And then I got bored, so I decided to bleach my hair, you know, as you do, and my hair right now is kind of an accident. I put in purple shampoo and left it in for too long and it dyed the front part of my hair purple but the rest of it looked yellow. So I tried to dye it all purple, and then that didn’t work, so I had to dye it blue. And here we are, and I get a lot of weird looks from people.