Humans of Allen: Rob Owen


Josh Magpantay, Multimedia editor

I chose radio because it was such a new program. I knew that going into it, and I wanted to be a part of getting it started—that was the second year. I’ll be the first kid and the only kid to go through three years of the class and really see the radio station go from what it was when we started to what it is now to what it’ll be next year when I graduate.

[Before, the program] was a lot smaller, we had a lot fewer resources, the reliability was a lot further down and the consistency was also just because we really didn’t have the staff in place that we have now, but now we have a good staff, we have me and Luke running the station, Luke programs everything, I teach the live DJing, stuff like that, and we’re learning new software so we can get certified and go straight into the industry when we get out and it’ll be easier to get jobs.

We run every kind of music from country music to latin music, we have a rock station, an electronic station, every kind of music, all sorts of stuff. I’m sure there’s music I don’t even know about that they just tell me to put in without knowing.