Principal for a day

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Principal for a day

Caroline Tucker, Staff writer

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From the outside, Allen High School looks calm, like everything is at peace, but what’s going on  inside is the complete opposite. Hallways are packed to the brim and every seat is filled in tight classrooms.

And, when a massive group of sophomores blocks a stairwell and the entrance to G hall during every passing period, it delays students even more than usual. Yes, you can communicate with your friends, but please, do us all a favor and find a way to walk and talk. We have hallway monitors out all the time, maybe we should give the monitors an extra shift to keep students from forming a massive blockade.

Not only are our hallways packed, but every seat is filled in all four lunches, and students are given only “30” minutes to eat, which is really only 20 because it takes around three minutes to get to the cafeteria and with students being released four minutes before the lunch period ends, lunch time always seems to be running out, if students were given even 10 extra minutes to eat, the student body may be a little less moody with a full stomach in chemistry class.

Allen is a good school, and students are given technology and free wifi, that blocks almost every website that exists. I would say I’m lucky to go here…along with the other 1,652 people in the class of 2019. Allen will take on any major challenges, whether it be a population of 6,000 students or a flooded hallway, but what about the minor ones that affect everyday life?

Homework has been a controversial topic since the 1900s, and every time it’s the people fighting against the schools. Homework has been studied and has been accused of not only destroying student’s love to learn, but negatively affecting young people’s health. Children are now doing three times the amount of homework that’s recommended. So let’s downsize it to an hour a night, not including studies. It’s unhealthy for us to be holed up in our rooms all day, trying to fit in your last sentence of that canvas assignment before the clock strikes midnight.

Allen High School is our home, and in a home we should feel, well, at home. Students understand that we have to work to be successful, and if Allen authorities helped us figure out the small problems, Allen could go a long way, on a path to success.

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