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Allen High School; A New Perspective

Caroline Tucker, Staffer

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New club members are clicking their cameras in excitement at the Allen Visuals Club. The founders of the club are looking forward to the new opportunities this club will offer.


“Tate and I really enjoy photography, and one day we were looking at the Allen website and realized that Allen didn’t have a photography club,” junior and co-founder Sarah Abiog said. “We thought to ourselves, ‘Hey we should start that because a lot of people would be interested and show up.’”


Abiog said that the club is going to be a calm, peaceful and welcoming place to everyone. As the club grows, founders Abiog and junior Tate Peterson hope that photographers will be able to capture the right moments at the right time so that members can show their work to a bigger audience.


“I want it to inspire people to get out there,” sophomore club member Rachel Karls said. “Maybe get a few people to look behind a camera for a little bit.”


Photography is a way for members of the club to express who they are and how they see the world through a lens. When everyone meets together in one room, ideas bounce off each other constantly.


“Everyone is so unique,” Karls said. “The way they take their pictures, you can start to see what kind of person they are.”


The Allen Visuals Club is for anyone: for those who have never touched a camera or a person who has taken pictures since they could hold a camera. It’s a club that was made solely for the purpose of students getting together and sharing ideas.
“We’re an artistic bunch who are able to come up with amazing ideas,” Abiog said. “It’s cool to get a bunch of photographers together, that collaboration can create something special.”

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