Comic Book Club: Year One

Audrey Vieira, Staff writer

By day room G232 is the home of Nadine Crank’s English class, but after school it transforms into the meeting place of the Comic Book Club. Members are spread out at a table, some discussing ideas for a possible fundraiser, others sketching superheroes and many reading from comic books.

The club, which began meeting in November of last semester, has quickly grown in the past two months.

“Usually we have new members every week,” junior and secretary Marwa Eljaouhari said. “It is a new club.”

Now that more are jumping on the bandwagon, the group has begun planning their future. One of their goals is to raise money for comic-related events to attend outside of school.

“We’re currently in the middle of planning a fundraiser to do activities outside of the club, like maybe going to conventions,” senior and vice president Michael Kelly said. “I believe, in April, Dallas Comic Con is in town, and we’re trying to raise money to go there.”

Though the fundraiser is still in development, the comic book craze is in full swing at meetings. Several comic books lay on the table in G232 for members to read and discuss. However, the club often branches out into comics less well-known than the usual Batman, Superman and Spiderman.

“Recently we’ve been reading about woman superheroes, feminists and breaking gender roles,” Elijaouhari said. “We haven’t read many of the typical ones: we go towards the ones that are not really well known.”

The member’s mutual bond over comics, superheroes and everything in between has helped  Comic Book Club in its first year. Fans of comic books have a place to share their passion at AHS.

“Everybody [here] has a common interest, and everybody knows what you’re talking about with certain authors or artists,” Kelly said. “It’s just really nice to have a sense of community. We’re a very welcoming bunch, and we read a little bit of everything — even the most obscure stuff.”