Basketball Q & A with Point Guard Jerritt Dixon


Braylon Fernandez, Staff writer

Q: “With the basketball team being ranked No. 5 in the state this year, what are the expectations coming into the season?”

A: “Win state. Anything other than that is a bust.”

Q: “You’re a top 50 player in Texas, what does that mean to you?”

A: “It’s an accomplishment, but I want to be a higher ranking.”

Q: “With players like Olin Carter III and Jamuni McNeace going to play Division 1 basketball, what type of influence did they have on you?”

A: “They were a big influence on me, they set a good example for me when they were here.”

Q: “Going through the Allen system your whole life, how has doing that helped you?”

A: “Being with Coach McCullough has disciplined me a lot and made me work hard and make me a better player all around.”

Q: “Since you were on JV for only one year and didn’t play on the freshman team, how was the immediate transition from middle school to high school level?”

A: “The speed is a lot faster, the people are a lot bigger. You have to be more sharp with everything.”

Q: “With your dad being an AAU coach, how has he helped you?”

A:  “My dad is always pushing me to do better and making sure I’m in the gym.”

Q: “What are some of your individual goals this year?”

A: “I want to be first team all-district, if not all-district Most Valuable Player, and win state for the first time in Allen and make history.”