Sneaker Talk

Tate Peterson, Staff writer

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What’s up sneakerheads! I’m Tate, and I present to you my new column: Sneaker Talk. I will be giving my opinions on the upcoming releases of all shoes during the month, as well as pricing information and how easy they will be to purchase. I will be touching on most brands (Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, etc.) and will try my hardest to provide the best coverage on each month’s releases.

  • 11/1 Air Jordan Dub Zero:  This is not a Jordan Retro, but it’s selling for cheap at $160 and is already being sold at $130 on secondhand places like eBay. There are two pairs, one in an “Oreo” colorway and another in a “Bred/Black Cement” colorway, which are both easy to match with most clothing, and it honestly is not a bad looking non-retro Jordan.
  • 11/5 Air Jordan 1 Black Toe: Definitely a must-cop in my opinion if you are wanting to add diversity to your shoe collection or if you’re wanting a pair of Jordan 1s. This a cool colorway that is also easy to match with most clothing, and it won’t resell for much so it’s a good pair of retros to wear.
  • 11/5 Yeezy 550 boost V2: The newest Yeezys will be releasing on Saturday, this time in a black colorway. Almost every single person who follows shoes wants these, so they’re going to be extremely difficult to buy. Of course, resell prices will be ridiculous but if you have the chance to buy them, do it. Just watch out for scams or crazy resell prices. (Update: These were not released just yet, but sources are speculating sometime soon.)
  • 11/11 Jordan 13 What is Love: There is no specific price on this set of retros yet, but the Red and Black colorway suits this shoe quite well, and they’re an intriguing pair to purchase. I’ve always loved 13s, and this colorway just looks so clean on the shoe. It’ll definitely match with all sorts of clothes, and it’s a respectable retro within sneaker culture.
  • 11/12 Jordan 12 Deep Royal Blue: The name speaks for itself. These all-blue Jordan 12s are fire, and it’s such a unique shoe. Out of this whole list, this is my favorite pair dropping in November. They’re similar to the PSNY 12s that dropped earlier, but the blue on these shoes make them stand out so much. Definitely some that I will be trying to get.
  • 11/25 Jordan 3 True Blue: If you are a sneakerhead, you know this shoe. And you should want this shoe. This pair is in the OG colorway, and the shoe looks absolutely gorgeous. The details on these new retros are so insane, especially on the more well known shoes. The added “Nike Air” on the back make this pair even more special. If you’re looking for a classic pair of shoes to rock or for a pair to add to a collection, these are an essential.
  • 11/28 Jordan 1 Top Three: These pair of 1s aren’t really for me, as I like more simple colorways. But a majority of people within the sneaker game are most likely going to want to cop these. I think these are a shoe that are more suited for a collection, because the resell prices will probably be high. If you want a crazier pair of retros or a shoe that will most likely become collectible, go for these.
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