Along for the Ride

Audrey Vieira, Staff writer

A new club has been founded for aspiring cyclists at Allen High School. The Cycling Club, founded by junior Neel Aligave, aims to unite students with a shared interest in cycling.

The idea of starting a club came to Aligave over the summer. He wanted the club to be something he could put on his college resume, but also an activity he would enjoy.

“I’m sure a lot of kids bike to school or are interested in riding bikes,” Aligave said. “Why not gather them up, go for group rides and hopefully participate in charity rides?”

Aligave first became interested in cycling while riding with his father.

“He was on his road bike, and I was on my mountain bike, which was a lot heavier and we were going uphill,” he said. “It was a real pain to go up that hill and I thought of how much easier it would be with a road bike. [My dad] let me try [his road bike] out and it was a whole different experience.”

Aligave now rides at least twice a week and participates in charity rides.

One problem Aligave has encountered while starting his club is generating interest in the meetings. Only two students attended the first meeting, but the low turnout has not discouraged Aligave.

“We just have to get the word out and get people interested in the club,” Aligave said.

Aligave also has to find a meeting place, as his sponsor has class during the time he planned for meetings. The first cycling club meeting was held in the library, but Aligave is searching for another teacher to find a meeting place for his club.

Anyone who is interested in cycling or simply enjoys riding their bike is highly encouraged to join the new Cycling Club.