An IB Halloween

Julia Zaksek , Jr. Managing Editor

The Community of International Baccalaureate Scholars, a club for students who participate in the International Baccalaureate program, held their annual Halloween party Oct. 25 after school. Students and teachers were encouraged to dress up, sample Halloween themed treats and visit  spooky stations set up by the seniors.

“I dressed up because [my students] asked me too,” IB/AP English Deanna Dowling said, “and I love Halloween; it’s one of my favorite holidays.

While Dowling chose to dress up as Maleficent, some students created their own costumes. Clad in short skirts and black t-shirts bearing the words “go ceiling go,” juniors Olivia May and Mary Klare Perez went as ceiling fans.

“I wasn’t really sure what to go as, but then my friend Klare sent me a picture of this costume,” May said. “I thought dressing up as a pun would be really fun.”

May also got to participate in the party’s “magic” station, reading auras and earning hours for CAS (creativity, action and service), an important part of the IB curriculum. Even though it’s not for another 364 days, she looks forward to next year’s party.

“I will definitely dress up again next year since now I have so many ideas,” May said.