Why You Should Create a Costume


Audrey Vieira, Staff writer

I have not visited any Halloween stores this year, nor have I ordered a costume online. But I have a costume ready to wear for a night of trick-or-treating.

Making my own Halloween costume is something I’ve always enjoyed. It allows more creativity, and it can be cheaper than the costumes prices offered at Halloween pop-up shops.

Making a costume takes slightly more work than buying one straight from the store due to the various items needed to create it, but the plus side to this is that the possibilities for costumes are not restricted to what is on shelves. Creating a costume allows it to be personalized the way the wearer wants instead of how it comes in a box. The first time I made my own costume, I was amazed at how many options I had to accessorize rather than be stuck with whatever came in the bag at Party City. It opens up new possibilities for Halloween because nobody will have a costume exactly like yours.

Money is also a reason to make a costume. Exclusive costumes for men and women at Spirit Halloween range from $20 to $100, but I was able to make a costume for just under $45 this year. That is cheaper than most store-bought costumes, especially if you have to buy wigs or accessories to go with them. Using clothing for costumes lets you get more for your money because most of the items can be worn as everyday outfits. I’ve been wearing the collared black dress I bought as a piece of my costume since September, but a dress from a Halloween store would likely be left to rot in the back of my closet. The price is even lower if you already own some of the items you need.

Making my own costume allows me to make exciting Halloween memories weeks before the parties and trick-or-treaters arrive. I get to be express myself even when I’m dressing as another character. I encourage anyone who wants to try something new this Halloween to make their own costume. Nothing else can match one’s own creativity.