Rolling the Dice on the Streets: Juniors Create Their Own Streetwear Brand

Juniors Jose Vazquez and Peter Timinsky have been designing clothing for over two years, and in 2016 they curated their own Streetwear brand, Dice Resources.  

Streetwear is a distinctive style of street fashion that has grown to encompass elements of modern, hip hop and Japanese street fashion. Streetwear is largely a fashion movement influenced by what is currently happening “on the streets.” This type of fashion is very fast-paced and is constantly evolving.

As for Dice Resources, Vazquez and Timinsky draw most of their inspiration from brands such as Supreme and BAPE. They also aim to incorporate Dallas city life into their line.

“Dice was inspired by the idea of developing something that could represent the state we are from, which is Texas, and we also wanted to be able to inspire our youth because they are our future,” Vazquez says.

Dice Resources is a brand inspired from youth night life, being the first ever Streetwear brand launched by Allen High School students. According to Vazquez, the name Dice means having to take a chance at life and hope for the best just like rolling some dice.

“I wanted a symbol to represent our overall motto, having to take a chance at life and hope for the best just like rolling some dice,” Vazquez said.

Dice Resources is a brand that  aims for all ages and resembles the reality of the lifestyle in contemporary youth. According to both Vazquez and Timinsky, Dice aims to combine all cultures to represent our generation’s youth. The brand makes it an necessity to combine both fashion and culture into Dice Resources.

“We want people to see us as more than a brand because we bring different lifestyles and put them together so that are relatable to other people or make a certain connection to it,” Timinsky says.

Vazquez and Timinsky created a vast range of unisex t-shirts in all sizes mainly for teens and young adults. Timinsky says they want to elaborate their collection into more of an art form than a strict Streetwear brand. As co-founder of Dice Resources, Timinsky says he would like to direct Dice Resources into a brand that is more so toward higher end Streetwear, even expressing the love of the city to people who live outside of Dallas.

“I would like to expand Dice into more garments, such as outerwear, pants, jeans, cut and sew, maybe accessories and even jewelry,” Timinsky says. “Also, I like short films and art, so I would want to do something with those two in the future with the brand.”

Streetwear is inevitably a subjective form of fashion and changes in all different forms. Through their own process of innovating modern day streetwear,  Dice Resources makes sure to always stay up to date on trends and keeps their designs in check with current trends through their apparel.

“One day an outfit could be considered ‘cool,’ and the next, it’s out of style,” Timinsky said.  “Streetwear is always progressing.”

Dice Resources represents the true meaning of youth culture, as each of their projects reach out to those who are willing to take risks in life. Vazquez and Timinsky aim toward a culturally diverse audience in the city of Dallas to represent their love of local, yet trendy Streetwear fashion.

“When they see Dice, they know that they can wear whatever they want to choose to express themselves,” Timinsky says. “That’s what fashion really is.”