Review: ‘Three’

Review: Three

Audrey Vieira, Staff writer

Phantogram, the alternative duo behind the recent radio hit “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore,” released their third album “Three” on Oct. 7. Every song on the album has its own unique sound, yet they all keep Phantogram’s trademark electronic beat. Though I was expecting everything to sound similar to “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore,” I was relieved to hear the band take its music in such interesting directions. Very few bands can experiment with their sound and still make an album as powerful as “Three.”

I enjoyed this album because each song was unlike any of the others. I still cannot choose a favorite track, but I felt that “Answer” was of the album’s most emotional songs. “Answer” is a much quieter track than any of the singles that felt written for radio, but the skipping beat and piano tore at my heartstrings in a way I never thought an electronic ballad could. I also liked the two tracks that were released before the album dropped, “Cruel World” and “Run Run Blood.” They sound as if they were destined for the radio airwaves, and I hope they’ll be heard on the alternative stations soon. Their beats were mesmerizing and made me never want to stop listening. “Cruel World” had memorable lyrics, including “I used to see beauty in people / But now I see muscle and bone.” The album got stuck in my head not just because it was catchy, but because the songs evoked emotion.

The only problem I had with “Three” was that it felt too short. Clocking in at just 37 minutes, I was a bit surprised when the album was over after the 10th track. It felt disappointing that an album as stellar as what Phantogram created was so short, especially since I had been waiting for it to come out since I first discovered the duo in July. It is the shortest full-length album Phantogram has released in their career and the only one to end before the 40-minute mark.

Despite how short it was, I fell in love with this album. I admired the way each song had a different style to it yet  It can be dangerous for a band to experiment with their sound, but this album is proof that taking such a risk can pay off. I give this album an A for its originality and genre-bending music, and highly encourage anyone else who enjoys alternative music to listen to “Three.”