Clown costumes prohibited at Boo Bowl

Clown costumes prohibited at Boo Bowl

Sara Schleede, Editor-in-chief

Clown costumes are prohibited at next Friday’s Halloween football game in light of recent nationwide clown hysteria.

The Escadrille dresses up in Halloween costumes at the annual Boo Bowl. In the past, the only limitation is that costumes must be in accordance with school dress code.

Reports of clown sightings in various parts of the country have gained national attention over the past two weeks. They are commonly seen lurking around neighborhoods in the night and early morning, sometimes terrorizing passersby with knives. There are rumored sightings of clowns in Allen, but none of them have been substantiated by police.

Director of bands Blane Hinton announced the new restriction via email on Thursday.

“With the recent news stories about clowns, do not dress in costume as a clown,” he wrote to the band.